Tuesday, January 23, 2024

 After a long hiatus, I am back -- focused and ready to continue tackling the difficult and fascinating questions in the philosophy of physics and consciousness.  I am also investing in my YouTube channel, focusing on clear explanations of difficult concepts to the lay audience.  Here's my most recent video, showing a logical proof why computers will never be conscious, mind uploading is impossible, and more than one instance of a person's conscious state can't exist at more than one place or time in the universe.

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  1. You raised an interesting thought experiment. I think there are a few flaws. Are you assuming both the Venusian and Martian clones of you are the same 'you'? If so, wouldn't the fact that these two copies of you become different the second they are created on Venus and Mars? If you have two Macbooks made with the same blueprint in different locations running the same software, are they the same computer?


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